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Legacy Life Skills

580 Callanan St, Quesnel, BC

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Meet Dorine E. Lamarche

Dorine E. Lamarche is the owner of Legacy Life Skills

Dorine E. Lamarche loves Quesnel. She appreciates that the people living in her small town are so closely connected as “where we choose to put our energies and time matter because our efforts can be seen and felt by our community”. As an entrepreneur, Dorine has a vested interest in the health and well being of Quesnel. “I know the valuable contribution this community has made to my life and the lives of my children and I like to know that I am giving back,” said Dorine.

Dorine contributes to her community’s health and wellness by being an active Life Coach for children, youth and adults. She is proud that her Legacy Life Skills business offers a wide variety of programs to extend the opportunities of growth to a multitude of people.

Quesnel has a great number of people who want to make a positive impact and Dorine appreciates all the wonderful projects, events and programs that are available locally. She also loves meeting friends and family at Granville’s. When not coaching adults or leading theatre programs she enjoys spending time with her family. Dorine is part of the Gold Pain City Derby Girls roller derby team and makes time to volunteer on their executive board.

Creative. Empowering. Inspiring

Dorine Lamarche is an experienced Certified Life Skills Coach who is deeply committed to a supportive discovery process. Dorine assists clients of Legacy Life Skills in whatever area of life they would like to experience change. “I facilitate this support through one-on-one coaching sessions, couples coaching sessions, group workshops, and a children’s theatre club,” said Dorine.

Legacy Life Skills serves adults, children and youth in Quesnel and the surrounding area.
Legacy Life Skills delivers diverse programs that share a message of Creating Change Through Choice. “One or more of my programs will speak to any individual seeking growth,” said Dorine.
Dorine’s professional Life Coaching sessions are always confidential and client focused. Dorine is well prepare to guide clients towards exploring goal setting, decision making, communication, self awareness and empowerment. Her theatre group is offered seasonally and is a fun, performance-oriented program.


  • 580 Callanan St
  • Quesnel, BC
  • V2J 2V2, Canada

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