Quesnel Foot Care in Quesnel

Quesnel Foot Care

359 Reid St, Quesnel, BC

  • Health
  • Personal Care
  • Professional foot care for all of your needs
  • Licensed nurses provide treatments, manicures, pedicures, nail care, foot bath and massage, plus so much more
  • Convenient downtown location or choose the in-home option

Meet Genti Page

Genti Page is the owner of Quesnel Foot Care

Quesnel has made its mark on the Quesnel Foot Care owner. Genti Page absolutely fawns over the local beauty. From the flowers put out by the city to the surrounding rivers and lakes, Genti’s community has it made. She especially loves the riverfront trail, a stunning place to take in some fresh air. “I love recognizing faces, building relationships and getting to know people I get to see everywhere,” says Genti.

The support she has felt as a small business owner has been huge. Everyone builds each other up in the North; it’s like one big family. There is an obvious push for local, small businesses, which provide a level of customer service not readily found in larger centres or chains.

For Genti, being her own boss has allowed her the flexibility to call the shots to better accommodate the needs of her clients. She also experiences more freedom to do the things she loves with her family and friends. Genti never tires of the hiking, biking and exploring the bountiful nature of Quesnel.

Professional. Gentle. Warm.

Feet are one of the hardest working parts of our bodies. The majority of people will experience serious foot issues in their lifetime. Nip problems in the bud before they have a chance to cause decreased mobility and function.

Take care of your feet and don’t let the routine of daily activities stand in your way. When problems do arise, and they inevitably will, Quesnel Foot Care is there to help.

The licensed, professional team of nurses service a wide array of foot concerns. From corns and calluses, ingrown toenails, to fungal problems and more, Quesnel Foot Care has your health and wellness in mind. Those with diabetes often encounter added stress to their feet; find relief with many beneficial medical procedures geared towards diabetic care.
On the more luxurious side of feet, guests experience foot waxing, soothing massage, a moisturizing bath, manicures, pedicures, and so much more.

For a very low cost, pamper yourself and get your feet back to their supple and smooth form. Gift certificates are available, so treat your friends and family to happy, healthy feet!
With a flexible schedule to suit your busy lifestyle, Quesnel Foot Care takes appointments at their convenient downtown location, or opt for an in-home visit instead.

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  • 359 Reid St
  • Quesnel, BC
  • V2J 2M5, Canada

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