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Amanda Kirsh Photography specializes in lifestyle, boudoir and conceptual photography. Photographer Amanda Kirsh has a unique style and a flair for capturing the essence of an individual’s personality with insight and skill. Amanda Kirsh Photography is available for weddings and other on-site events. Amanda also works with individuals of all ages from sitting babies to adult as well as families.

When you make an appointment with Amanda, you’ll be in for an experience. Amanda Kirsh Photography is all about finding out who you really are and conveying that in a way that speaks volumes even without the use of words.

Meet Amanda Kirsh

Meet Amanda Kirsh

As a little girl, Amanda Kirsh never aspired to be a professional photographer. In fact, Amanda never even dabbled seriously in photography until 2009. But when she did, she was hooked. Amanda was also a late-bloomer when it came to business. “I had no plans to start a business,” she says, “but now that I have, I cannot stop developing my business.” And so she took her new-found love of photography and with the entrepreneurial business skills she had developed she launched her former business name Alluring Photography in 2010.

She specializes in lifestyle photography capturing special moments in the lives of people and immortalizing them for posterity. And that, says Amanda, is what motivates her to excel at what she does. She loves being able to catch a small glimpse into the lives and unique personalities of the people she photographs, and she feels privileged to be able to capture those “forever lasting memories” on camera.

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