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Anthropologist Margaret Mead once said, “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful , committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”.  In 1994 a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens here in Quesnel made a choice to clean up Baker Creek.  The ripple effects have been felt in the surrounding watersheds ever since.  Today this group of citizens is known as The Baker Creek Enhancement Society (BCES).

Over 18 years ago, their first accomplishment was clearing 65 car bodies and 70 loads of asphalt and cement from Baker Creek.  Today BCES continues to do stream restoration, but carries out many other projects as well.  In part, the mandate of BCES is to provide an educational component to the work they do.  Skill building through hands-on learning has allowed for unique business and job opportunities for people involved in various projects.  Further, BCES collaborates with industry, government, community organizations, as well as schools; which sets them apart from other stewardship groups.

With approximately 6000 visitors annually, the Nature Education and Resource Centre (home of Baker Creek Enhancement Society) provides an ideal setting for children and adults alike to learn about ecology.  A range of educational programs both inside and outside the classroom is leaving a legacy of teaching opportunities from BCES.  Every year coordinators from the BCES organize The Salmonids in the Classroomprogram, Earth Day Celebrations, Clean Air Day, Rivers Day, Oceans Day and many other free community events.    

Baker Creek is now an international symbol of what a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can accomplish if they roll up their sleeves and dig in.   What started out as a clean-up project has turned into one of the most long-enduring environmental stewardship groups in Canada – and that is good news for everyone!  


Meet The Baker Creek Enhancement Society Board of Directors

Meet The Baker Creek Enhancement Society Board of Directors

The Baker Creek Enhancement Society is governed by a board of directors made up of volunteers from various walks of life in Quesnel. Though diverse, each board member is committed to a unified vision of stewardship of the local environment, particularly Baker Creek and its surrounding areas.

The board and the society's many dedicated volunteers have undertaken numerous projects since the society's inception in 1994. One of its earliest was removing large pieces of debris, including car parts and dumped building materials, from Baker Creek. Since then the society has hosted creek clean ups, educational workshops and programs and children's eco-camps. It will continue to work at raising awareness of the importance of local streams and waterways and encouraging environmental stewardship here at home.