Barking Tree Acres

Agriculture & Food Production

Barking Tree Acres is a family owned and operated farm supply shop and working farm that specializes in ethically and sustainably raised pigs and poultry! 

Active farmers themselves, Barking Tree Acres knows the importance of affordable and good quality products that help make the job easier. They are a supplier for Edge Wholesale Direct, allowing them to offer an excellent range of economically priced fencing and Princeton Wood Preserves Posts and Rails. They also sell other farm items like green houses, twine, net wrapping and more! 

In addition to supplies, Barking Tree Acres sells meat chicken, turkeys and fresh pork. You can also visit Barking Tree Acres for pork and chicken to keep your freezer stocked with local meat options!

Meet Brad Pollock

Meet Brad Pollock

Owner Brad Pollock knows there’s always something to do on the farm! He started Barking Tree Acres to provide the community with delicious poultry and meat, but also to help the farming community with access to affordable options that help farmers do their jobs even better!
Brad looks forward to working with other farmers in the Quesnel area and loves to see how happy his meat products make his clients!

2288 Sales Pit Rd
Quesnel, BC V2J 6K3


Tuesday to Friday 10-4pm
Saturday 10-2pm
Sunday and Monday closed