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Breathe new life into your favourite pair of shoes with a trip to BC Shoe Repair.

BC Shoe Repair has the skills to re-sole your work boots, stretch the leather on shoes to make them more comfortable, or re-finish the leather so your boots look brand new! After learning from Quesnel’s local cobbler and others in the trade, owner Tom Brooks is happy to use the skills he’s learned to help his customers save their shoes for many more seasons to come.

In addition to his cobbling skills, Tom also offers custom leatherwork, heavy sewing, zipper work, vinyl and canvas upholstery, and skate sharpening!

Save your favourite pieces from early retirement and take a trip to BC Shoe Repair, you’ll walk away happy!

Meet Tom Brooks

Meet Tom Brooks

After 19 years in the logging industry, owner Tom Brooks had to step away from it after an accident, and the opportunity to learn from the local cobbler appeared at just the right time! Now his enthusiasm for his business grows just as quickly as his skills!
Tom is grateful for the freedom owning his own business has allowed him, and is happy that working out of his home allows him to spend more time with his family!
Tom enjoys the personal connection he gets with each of clients, and the skills he needs to use to help each of them!

274 Caragana Rd
Quesnel, BC V2J 5P2


Tues-Fri 9:30-5:30, Sat 10-2