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An extension of Clayton’s Funeral Home, Clayton’s Pet Services is proud to be able to offer compassionate and professional cremation services for your beloved pet. 

Clayton’s Pet Services is part of the PLPA (Pet Loss Professional Alliance) and as such, adhere to strict guidelines and care during your difficult time, so that your mind can rest easier. 

Whether you are planning ahead, or your needs are immediate, Clayton’s Pet Services can pick up your beloved companion at your veterinarian’s office or your home and transport them. Your pet’s cremated remains are returned to you in a lasting, cherished keepsake box or urn. As well you will receive a digital scan of your sweet pet’s paw print to have as a memory. 

To further help during this emotional time, you may have a private farewell and viewing. Optional hair clippings can be preserved for you as well. 

Clayton’s Pet Services is committed to helping you through this difficult time and will honour and cherish your pet and your strong bond throughout the process.

Meet Ken & Angie

Meet Ken & Angie

Owners Ken and Angie decided to expand the services they offer at Clayton's to include families pets because they feel that they should be treated with the same care as you would any other member of the family. Grieving the loss of a pet can be just as hard as losing any other loved one, and Ken and Angie, along with their staff, have years of experience helping families at that most difficult time.
Ken and Angie are honoured to be a part of the community, and are grateful to be able to help people during difficult times with kind and compassionate service.

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