Cottonwood Clay Co


Pottery lovers rejoice, because Cottonwood Clay and their artisan pottery have such style and variety, you’ll be collecting pieces every time there’s a release.

Inspired by natural elements, Cottonwood Clay, with their signature speckled base layer, captures sunshine and blue skies with hand etched designs.

You can find Cottonwood Clay at the Quesnel Farmers Market, popping up in small shops and on Etsy, where limited releases happen once a month. Each piece is unique to Cottonwood Clay, made on the wheel in owner Sarah’s backyard studio. Sarah is always trying new shapes, glazes and styles, following creativity where it leads.

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Meet Sarah fitchett

Meet Sarah fitchett

Owner Sarah, is a self taught potter extraordinaire. After visiting another small business and seeing how they had channeled their love of coffee and potting, Sarah was overwhelmed with inspiration. She was fortunate to have a friend build her a backyard studio and after months of practice, was ready to start her business.
Sarah loves making pieces that showcase art and functionality, from mugs, to bowls, to coffee pour overs.
The welcome from her community has overwhelmed her, and she’s excited to have her pieces in a few Cariboo towns.

424 Callanan St
Quesnel, BC V2J 2Y9