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David Warner Piano Service is dedicated to keeping your piano healthy, in tune and sounding fantastic. 

Since 2006, owner David Warner has been tuning and servicing pianos with his mobile business in the Cariboo region and beyond. He received his training and qualifications from the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology.  

Like most tuners who share their experience with each other through the Canadian Association of Piano Technicians and the Piano Technician’s Guild, David revels in the fact that the journey of knowledge is never-ending for all piano tuners, including those who have enjoyed lifelong careers in the industry. 

While he primarily services ‘old uprights’, given the vast majority of pianos worldwide are from 80 to 120 years of age, David also enjoys tuning newer pianos and grands of all sizes.  

In addition, David is qualified to install climate control systems which regulate the level of humidity in your piano. These ‘life-saver’ systems are designed to reduce wear and tear, keeping your instrument in perfect health during the dry winters and damp summers.  

David is happy to tune and service your home piano and also offers his skills and expertise for pianos in churches, schools, concert venues, and other private or public establishments. Did you know a piano played daily can require from two to four tunings per year?  

Next time you think your piano is a little off key, or if it’s time for a routine tune-up, call David Warner Piano Service and he’ll be sure to make your instrument sound its very best.

Meet David Warner

Meet David Warner

After playing piano since the age of nine, David Warner was given the glorious opportunity to learn the inner workings about his instrument of choice at the age of forty-nine. This sparked such a deep passion from within, David now says, “in addition to playing on the ivories, my next greatest enjoyment in life is to pamper and rejuvenate any acoustic piano (with strings!) until it sounds and feels absolutely wonderful to the player and the listener."
David’s favourite part of being a local entrepreneur is that it allows him to enjoy his newest talent with a passion, while sharing the countless musical rewards with his clients and becoming a valued member of the local small business community.
In addition to playing and tuning pianos, David sings with the Q City Singers community choir, and has been an actor with the Kersley Musical Theatre and the Kersley Players Dinner Theatre.

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