Echo’s Reach

Agriculture & Food Production

Echo’s Reach is a family owned and operated farm, specializing in organic pork products and meat birds. Echo’s Reach is passionate about providing their clients with ethically raised, organic meat. After looking for products that met their high standards at the grocery store, and coming up empty handed, owner Richard and his family knew that their focus on the farm should be producing the best meat they could. In addition to eating only organic grains and vegetable scraps, the animals are given plenty of space to enjoy their lives, engaging in natural behaviours in the fresh air.

Echo’s Reach now has a Farmgate Plus License which allows them to process the animals on the farm. They offer full pigs, half pigs, sausage, bacon and hams, just to name a few!

Visit Echo’s Reach at the Quesnel Farmers Market or call ahead to visit the farm to purchase from them!

Meet Neil Kinsman and Kari-Jo Dowdell

Meet Neil Kinsman and Kari-Jo Dowdell

Owners Neil and Kari-Jo and their family previously lived in the Okanagan, where they had a small farm. When they moved to Quesnel, they were already more cognizant about the antibiotics in the meat they were eating, and how the animals were raised. Now on their property they strive to give the animals their best life, with only natural feed, so they can be proud of what they are selling their clients!

They enjoy meeting new people in the community, talking to them about animals and is happy to provide healthy options to the people in the area.