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Roller derby may have been popularized in the movies, but in real life it is the hard work and determination of teams like Gold Pain City Derby Girls that have made roller derby a serious sport as well as good entertaining fun.

Roller derby, which was popular in the 1930’s and 1940’s, faded away in the ensuing decades, but made a grand comeback in the 21st century. The Gold Pain City Derby Girls Association was born after two Quesnel women attended a derby bout in Williams Lake and were immediately
hooked on the sport.

Meet The Derby Girls

Meet The Derby Girls

The Gold Pain City Derby Girls practice and compete from September to July. And while they look like they’re always having fun (they are), they’re no “lingerie league.” They are tough athletes who are earnest about their sport. In just a few years of existence they have developed a reputation in the derby community as fair sportswomen and gracious hosts.

The Gold Pain City Derby Girls also have a positive reputation in the community and feel they’ve been well-received by both fans and local businesses and organizations. They give back regularly to Quesnel by fundraising for the food bank and Santa’s Anonymous. They eventually hope to start a program that will fund girls in sports.

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