Hixon Falls Company

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Feeling snacky? Hand cut, artisan made crackers are the cure to your snack-attack vibes any day of the week! Hixon Falls Company creates the most delicious, addictive whole grain crackers, perfect for dipping, munching or adding beauty to your next charcuterie spread! 

Whole grains offer a range of health benefits and Hixon Falls Company toutes crackers that are high in fiber, good for your blood sugar and only contain products that are natural, simple, well balanced and easy to pronounce! 

Flavours range from Onion, to Chili, Original, Herb, Caraway and seasonally Spice. Each cracker is cut by hand, giving them all a unique shape! Hixon Falls Company has created a thin, delicious bite in each cracker, packed with flavour that will have you pushing aside chips for one more crunch! 

You can find the Hixon Falls Company at the Quesnel and Williams Lake Farmers Markets, as well as in a variety of independently owned grocery shops! 

Once you pop open a package of Hixon Falls Company crackers you won’t be able to stop!

Meet The Cracker Fam

Meet The Cracker Fam

Meet Chanelle and Donna, a mother/daughter duo- bringing you a whole grain cracker made from scratch.

It’s been an absolute joy to see their clients fall in love with their crackers, and they love to hear all about the ways people have been enjoying them!

Both Chanelle and Donna are happy to be part of Quesnel’s dynamic group of entrepreneurs. They feel that small business helps to give Quesnel its identity, sparks innovation in the city, and fosters creativity.
They are proud to be part of something that helps bring joy to someone else’s “snacking life” as we replace the guilt of having an unhealthy snack with a quick and healthy option that fits all lifestyles.

They can't wait to see you at their next market and help you up your snacking game to the next level!