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KMax has a little something for everyone, from the nostalgic VHS watcher to the epic gamer and more. Under the newest ownership the store has transformed from a video and DVD rental and sales business to a gamer’s and movie-lover’s heaven. The store carries pre-owned videos, DVDs and books. It also stocks a wide selection of games, including card and board games, fantasy, strategy and role-playing games. Visitors will also find a large selection of educational and science toys for children from toddler age and up. The store’s new location is brighter, cleaner and more streamlined, making popping in for a look an enjoyable experience.

Meet Tammi & Mitchell Vik

Meet Tammi & Mitchell Vik

Tammi and Mitchell Vik just couldn’t bear the thought of their favourite local movie store going out of business five years ago, so they bought it. With their fresh enthusiasm and innovative ideas they were able to rescue K-MAX Games & Videos from the brink of extinction and turn it back into a thriving business.

The business was a natural fit for the couple. Tammi is a huge movie buff and avid reader while Mitch enjoys games and hobbies. All of these things can be found within the four walls of their downtown store. Surrounded by all of the things that he loves, Mitch admits that going to work everyday is almost more like “going home.” Even “chores” that are part of running a business are fun, says Mitch, thanks to the people that drop in each day and make things interesting.

Mitch and Tammi realize that business isn’t always easy, and that Quesnel has seen its share of tough economic times. But they are optimistic about the future of commerce in Quesnel and are dedicated to doing their part not only to make their business a success but to work together with other small business owners to help strengthen the local economy.

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