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Taking inspiration from a variety of places including her Finnish heritage and from all kinds of nature; Katja of Katja Kovanen Jewellery creates unique pieces using semi-precious stones, glass beads and sterling silver. Katja takes pride in her work and is thrilled when she meets someone who is wearing one of her pieces.  Katja studied art and design at the Kootenay School of Arts and has been creating jewellery for 15 years.

Meet Katja Kovanen

Meet Katja Kovanen

One of Katja Kovanen's earliest memories is of buying a pair of hand-crafted earrings at a Christmas craft market and thinking that making jewellery must be the greatest job in the world. Katja grew up to pursue a totally different profession, but never forgot those earrings. She also never shook the creativity bug and eventually went back to school to pursue an art degree and then make a career of her first love: jewellery-making. Katja admits that she gets a quiet thrill whenever she's out around town and sees someone wearing one of her jewellery pieces.

Katja has a particular affinity for people who are facing difficult life choices and circumstances. This is one of the reasons that she supports the Rivers of Hope Community Outreach. It's her way of giving back to her community and helping people get a hand up in their lives. Katja loves spending time designing and crafting jewellery, and so her work often doesn't feel like "work." But when she's not working she also enjoys sketching and getting outside in the fresh air and going for a walk. She also participates in Toastmasters.


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