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Lucky J Creations takes your lettering or image and reproduces it on any glass or granite surface for a beautiful gift, memorial or keepsake that will last for decades to come. Every image is customized and duplicated down to the last fine detail for a piece that is one-of-a-kind and filled with personal meaning and sentimental value.

Lucky J Creations can take any design that can be printed on paper and reproduce it on wedding and everyday glassware, framed artwork, awards, storefront windows and doors, automobile windows, granite headstones and pet memorials. Lucky J Creations hand-engraves every single piece without the use of sandblasting or acid. Wood burning signs are also available from Lucky J Creations.

Meet Betty Jackson

Meet Betty Jackson

Several years ago Betty Jackson worked in a glass blowing shop. Customers would often come into the store and ask if the glass art could be custom engraved. The technology for such work was not very advanced at the time, but Betty's boss bought a manual on letter engraving and asked Betty to learn how to do it. That was the beginning of a very long love affair with glass engraving. She started out doing lettering, personalizing things with people's names. As technology improved, she went on to learn how to engrave artwork and even photos onto glass and other surfaces, like granite. These days, Betty can take just about any design that can be printed on paper and engrave it. Everything is done by hand, and Betty's customers love that their custom lettering or artwork is permanently engraved onto, rather than painted on, something that will become a forever keepsake.

Betty eventually went on to start her own business in Surrey where she lived at the time. Later she moved to Kelowna and, finally, to Quesnel in 2007. She soon learned that there was a demand for glass and granite engraving here because no one else does it locally. In fact, since coming here, her business has increased so much that it has outgrown her in-home work space and she is currently in the planning stages of building a workshop and studio on her property.

Betty learned something else when she moved to Quesnel... its residents are second-to-none when it comes to being supportive. "I've met more people in my years in Quesnel who would drop everything to come and help you out than all my time in the city," Betty says. That support extends to all parts of local life, from how people volunteer in the community to how committed they are to shopping locally. "I love it here." says Betty. "I wish I had moved here sooner!" Betty loves hand crafts of all types, especially crocheting and sewing. She also manages to keep very busy chasing after her six year old son, Chase.

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