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Momentum Learning is a Quesnel based online tutoring service that is here to make your child’s learning years less stressful and easier to navigate. Owner Kimberly Simpson focuses on BC students in grades 4-10 who are finding certain skills or subject areas, mainly math, difficult or frustrating. These students can be attending schools in-person, or homeschooling through a variety of BC Online Schools. Kimberly uses her calm, uplifting personality to help her students increase their confidence, reduce anxiety, and bring some peace and joy to the family all while learning those needed skills!

Momentum Learning is a small, calm, virtual space where Kimberly finds a variety of ways to teach the concept and encourage the learner to enjoy the process, while using their schoolwork as a jumping-off point. Kimberly’s goal is not performance-focused tutoring, but a tutoring/coaching combination aiming to support the growth of the learner as a whole person.

Kimberly has her Bachelors of Education and was an active teacher in the local School District until 2008, when she discovered distance learning and her tutoring passion.

Contact Kimberly at Momentum Learning and help your child put their very best foot forward in their education.

Meet Kimberly Simpson

Meet Kimberly Simpson

Owner Kimberly Simpson loves that she can work within the community, as well as Northern B.C., to help students in a variety of ways. By getting to know them and building a connection, Kimberly can help to find a different way to teach those tough skills her students have been struggling over, and makes sure they’ve at least laughed once during the process! Kimberly takes a lot of pride in watching her students become joyful, authentic and resourceful learners on their own!

Kimberly often works with students for many years, and some for 10+ years. They know that the happy smiling person they first meet, is the same person who will support them through an awful assignment, and come out a few years later and cheer them on at their graduation!