Nestel Pottery


Nestel Pottery has been a mainstay at markets across the Cariboo region since the early 1990’s. Their famous mug tree, filled with all shapes and sizes of mugs for coffee and tea lovers, has been shopped for over 30 years, and Nestel Pottery has their very own permanent shop in Quesnel! 

Owner Marie Nestel has found her passion in pottery! Each piece is handmade by her, through slab work or on the pottery wheel. With her new shop front, Marie is able to branch out her variety of works, trying new designs and patterns for her clients. From beautiful mixing bowls, to trays, custom pieces, garlic keeps and even more. They also carry work from Selena Callis of Mudworks Pottery, and Judy Maclean of Tattoo Frog Pottery!

The variety you can find at Nestel Pottery is amazing. All the pieces are high quality, durable and timelessly designed, making them perfect for gifting or keeping in your home and collecting! In addition to the large selection of pieces they also offer classes and workshops. 

Stop by Nestel Pottery and pick up your new favourite piece today! 

Meet Marie Nestel

Meet Marie Nestel

Owner Marie Nestel has over 30 years experience at the wheel of her pottery business! A true passion, Marie loves the creative outlet that pottery provides her. She loves engaging with her clients, both long term market goers and new local visitors. Every piece she makes is made with quality and purpose. Marie loves finding inspiration from her community and clients, and loves to make pieces that will be useful for them!

1775 Jade St
Quesnel, BC V2J 4L4


Fridays 12:00 - 6:00
Saturdays 12:00 - 4:00

Hours subject to change - call to confirm