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As a non-profit society, the Quesnel Art Gallery is run by volunteers who are passionate about supporting local artists as well as artists from throughout the Cariboo and BC. You will always find products in a variety of mediums including pottery, jewellery, sculpture, paintings and carvings. The shop carries pieces from many artists’ collections and make excellent gifts or home decor. Throughout the year you will find diverse themes on display in the gallery to enjoy.

Please visit the Quesnel Art Gallery website for a list of upcoming shows happening at the gallery.

Meet The Quesnel Art Gallery Volunteers

Meet The Quesnel Art Gallery Volunteers

The Quesnel Art Gallery began as the Quesnel Arts Society in 1968. The Society has been enthusiastically promoting local artists ever since. The Quesnel Art Gallery is a non-profit society made up of a board of community members who are passionate about the arts. The gallery and shop is also staffed by volunteers and all profits generated go directly to the support of the arts in Quesnel.

The Quesnel Art Gallery is located within the Quesnel and District Recreation Centre and is open to the public whenever the Recreation Centre is open. The Gallery Gift Shop features pieces for sale by Quesnel and Canadian artisans.

500 North Star Rd
Quesnel, BC V2J 5P6


Tuesday to Saturday
10:00 am - 4:00 pm