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You may not become a race car driver, but every driver who takes lessons at Ron’s Driving School & Skid Control will leave a smarter, safer driver than when they came. Ron Craigmyle offers lessons and programs for drivers of all skill levels, from learners to seasoned license-holders. Whether you’re just ready to hit the road for the first time, you want to overcome your driving fears, you want to acquire winter driving skills or you need to learn how to drive while towing a trailer, Ron’s Driving School & Skid Control will help you get on your way in confidence.

Meet Ron Craigmyle

Meet Ron Craigmyle

As a veteran advanced police driver for the Scottish police force, Ron Craigmyle was privy to more insider looks at tragic car accidents than he ever wished for. So when he moved to Quesnel he took all the skills he had developed in the work force, combined them with his desire to see a reduction in automobile-related injuries and fatalities, and turned it into a business. Ron’s Driving School isn’t just for learners. The school offers programs and lessons for all kinds of drivers from beginners to seasoned licensed holders. Students can learn specific skills like winter and adverse weather driving techniques and trailer towing.

SkidCar training is also available as well as lessons that focus specifically on driver phobias like parallel parking and night driving. Skid Car teaches drivers to anticipate car control problems before they occur because it’s important that drivers experience exactly how a vehicle will react in situations like adverse weather situations where traction loss can occur. To learn more, go to Skid Control Inc.

In the decade that Ron has been operating his driving school in Quesnel he has seen a number of changes on the business front. Though businesses have shut down, Ron is encouraged to see that most have been replaced by new ones. He appreciates the diversity of businesses here, and believes that good customer service is key to continued business success.

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