Terra Cura Organic Gardening

Garden-Waste Removal-Yard Services

Terra Cura’s services include weekly and year-round compost pick-up service, edible landscape design, as well as garden installations and maintenance.

Terra Cura focuses mainly on soil fertility management and encourages a return to food production in urban yards and rural acreages.  Organic Master Gardener and owner Jesse Matthies wants to help locals grow the healthiest, tastiest, most pest and disease resistant plants possible.  In order to accomplish these goals, Jesse focuses heavily on the health of the soil.

Jesse also offers organic gardening workshops and consulting on many subjects including edible landscape design, Organic Gardening, and sustainable food production.



Meet Jesse Matthies

Meet Jesse Matthies

Jesse Matthies' love affair with organic gardening and sustainable food production translates into every aspect of his life, from his own backyard garden to his career. Three years ago he made a business out of it when he launched Terra Cura Organic Gardening. His company aims to provide support and education to the community on the benefits of organic backyard gardening. Jesse himself provides everything from sound, professional advice to soil testing, hands-on training and community workshops. Jesse also provides "Edible Landscaping" (growing decorative plants that can also serve as food) and a weekly compost pick-up service.

Jesse was raised in Quesnel, so choosing it as the place to launch his business was a natural choice. "I wanted to do something positive in the community I grew up in," says Jesse. It's no surprise to most people that Jesse is an avid outdoors lover. When he's not busy in his yard or garden, he's likely going to be found somewhere else outside. He particularly enjoys hiking in and around Quesnel. He also likes to wind down with a good book, play his guitar and just hang out with his family.

Quesnel, BC


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