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Get a taste of the cowboy life by booking a trail riding adventure. City slickers who want a brief snapshot of life on the trail may want to book a one-hour ride. Those who want to experience a day in the life of a cowboy can choose a full-day ride. More adventurous guests can go all out and really live it with an overnight, back-country camping adventure. Rides can be customized to fit any skill level and most age levels from children to seniors. Triple J can also create a customized corporate adventure or school event.

Parents can also give their children a taste of country living in the summer with one of Triple J’s exciting Children’s Horse Camps. Kids aged 8-12 will learn basic horsemanship skills, riding etiquette, horse safety and orienteering and participate in other camp activities like swimming, camping out, scavenger hunts and crafts.

Meet Jami Cruz & Julia Dillabough

Meet Jami Cruz & Julia Dillabough

For sisters Jami Cruz and Julia Dillabough, the only way to really appreciate the rugged wildness of the Cariboo outback is from the back of a horse. In fact, they feel so strongly about it that they made it into a business.

Jami and Julia grew up living the cowboy lifestyle and rode horses on their parents’ cattle ranch from early ages. Over the years the cattle ranch expanded and morphed into Triple J Ranch Trailrides, a horse-back riding, eco-tourism business. Jami and Julia took over the business in 2013 and now run a variety of trail rides including hourly, day-long and overnight excursions for guests who want a taste of the cowboy life. The sisters pride themselves on great horse-pitality and love being able to share their immense love of the Cariboo mountains countryside with their clients.

Carrying on a rugged rural outdoor lifestyle was important to the sisters. Being able to share that love with others and make a living at it is just icing on the cake. The community, they note, has been very supportive of their business. In kind, the two give back by supporting equine and animal-related charities and events.

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