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Thousands of Quesnel residents, both past and present, grew up learning to ski at Troll Resort. It’s a fact that makes Hildur Fossberg and her partner Len Sinclair proud to have inherited this decades-old family business. They are carrying on a heritage that was first built by Hildur’s parents, Lars and Astrid Fossberg forty years ago.

At Troll Resort, they take a family approach to skiing, encouraging families to come out and enjoy the sport together and offering ski lessons, camps and activities for a variety of ages and groups. As well, at Troll they see skiing as more than just a form of exercise; through skiing and snowboarding there is built in appreciation for nature and the love of the outdoors.

Meet Hildur Fossberg & Len Sinclair

Meet Hildur Fossberg & Len Sinclair

Hildur Fossberg is part of the second generation of Fossbergs to own and operate Troll Ski Resort. Following in the footsteps of her parents was a natural choice. As avid outdoor adventurers, Hildur and her partner Len love being able to share that love with others. Being able to ski whenever they want to is just the icing on the cake.

Just as it was the friendly, down-to-earth people that live in Quesnel which drew the senior Fossbergs to settle in Quesnel, it is also why Hildur and Len chose to stay. They recognize that people are what make a business successful, and see Quesnel as a place that is rife with opportunity. Living on the ski hill themselves, the Fossbergs are fond of saying ”keep skiing or you get old!"

And what do the Fossbergs do for fun? Ski, of course! And when there's no snow, they like to go out hiking, biking and canoeing to stay close to nature.

7271 Barkerville Hwy
Quesnel, BC V2J 3J2


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