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Retired school teacher-turned-writer Lin Weich draws upon her education, teaching experiences and life in northern BC to fuel her exhilarating works of fiction and other writings as well as her photography. Wordtrails is a portal to Lin’s works, which includes three suspense novels (“Alone,” “Half Truths, Total Lies” and “Strength of an Eagle”). Her writing is inspired by northern BC culture, lifestyle and historical events that BC readers will immediately recognize and relate to. Lin Weich has also penned numerous articles. Her photographic works have been published in Our Canada, More of Our Canada and Postscript. Several of Lin’s photographic essays have been included in the Royal Photographic Society (Canada) on-line magazine.

Lin Weich is also making a name for herself in jam. Lin’s Boozy Jams are made from fresh local berries enhanced with wines like Pinot Gris and Merlot. Lin’s Boozy Beer Jelly is produced from beer made at the Barkerville Brewing Company. Lin’s Boozy Jams and Beer Jellies are available at Cariboo Keepsakes and the Quesnel Farmers Market. She also specializes in making unique soaps and body butters.

Lin Weich is a member of the British Columbia Federation of Writers.

Meet Lin Weich

Meet Lin Weich

Lin Weich taught school in Quesnel for more than 30 years before retiring and pursuing one of her other passions: writing. She admits that writing took her by surprise, but with three novels under her belt now, she keeps working at selling her books "so I can publish the next one." She didn't necessarily set out to be an entrepreneur, but it came along naturally with the desire to publish and she is learning a great deal from her venture into the business side of publishing.

Lin has met many of Quesnel's residents over her years here and appreciates that locals are so friendly and open to one another. In Quesnel, she notes, it is easier to get to know your neighbours and the people who own and work in the local businesses. Supporting those businesses and the people they employ has always been important to Lin. "I buy locally because the merchants stand behind their product," says Lin. They genuinely strive to serve their customers, they know that reputation is key in a small town to staying in business and Lin is grateful for their commitment to their fellow Quesnel residents.

Like many creative souls, Lin has other artistic passions. She pursues photography in her spare time and has had some of her photos published. She can also be found working at Cariboo Keepsakes a few hours a week, giving her the opportunity to help promote local artisans and meet all kinds of people from across the world.

3526 Loloff Road
Quesnel, BC V2J 6E5


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